MUN Konferansı Galatasaray’da

Aktiviteler ve Haberler Törenler MUN Konferansı Galatasaray’da

The English MUN team of Saint Michel French High School kicked off the MUN season at the historical Galatasaray High School this year which was held between December 23 and 26. We participated with 14 students and all of them were incredibly enthusiastic and literally looking forward to being a part of the GSL MUN organization. Weeks of training and preparations gave their fruits by aiding our students to represent their countries in the best way possible in their committees. After sweating for four days over heated debates, persuasions, speeches and presentations, all our students earned the right to receive their participation certificates. However, we had the biggest joy when Kerem A. honored our school by winning The Outstanding Delegate award as a member of SOCHUM.     

It is our pleasure to inform you about the committees that our students represented Saint Michel at GSL MUN. Yaprak G. and Alara T. were members of the African Union in which the social, economical and political growth of the continent were discussed. Eylül Ö. and Defne E. were members of SPECPOL (The Special Political and Decolonization Committee) the main agenda of which were finding solutions to resource and energy scarcity and deciding the future of energy production and nuclear strategy. Kerem A., İlgi B., Alik A. and Kuzey D. were members of SOCHUM (The Committee of Social, Humanitarian & Cultural Issues) in which the agenda was about detecting and solving the problems of stateless people in Europe and taking action against the exploitation of child labour in Middle Eastern countries. Doğa Megan W. was a member of LEGAL committee in which medically assisted suicide and laws of medical malpractice and negligence were debated. Lalin A. was a member of the Spanish Civil War committee in which the participants found themselves within the fascism and communism struggle of the period. Duru T. and Eda S. were members of DISEC (Disarmament and International Security Committee) in which preventing criminal and unauthorized usage of drones and militarization of the South China Sea were discussed. Melis K. was a member of The Cabinet of Kennedy in which the participants determined the internal and external politics of the USA in the White House, while battling the ever more growing Communist threat. Finally, Cem Ö. was a member of OECD (The Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development) in which the participants prepared groundwork for the economic transition to achieve net-zero.

As well as having the opportunity to gain experience and improve themselves in terms of expressing their opinions, giving formal presentations and collaborating with their teammates, our students also build new friendships in this significant organization. We thank our students for their great efforts and contributions. We are looking forward to the next MUN organization. 

English MUN Club Advisor,

Talar Selsu